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Meet The Chef

Mohammad Faisal Qureshi

Bringing with him an extensive experience in the industry, handling numerous restaurants and working alongside some noteworthy ustad's, Chef Mohammad Faisal Qureshi  hones a dynamic and proficient career in the culinary space. 

Growing up around his mother and grandmother, watching them cook is where his true inspiration for food began. Chef Mohammad Faisal Qureshi  was born in Mumbai, but his roots go down to the Awadh region of India. You can see the passion oozing out of his eye when he speaks about his grandmother's recipe and selection of traditional methods of cooking. He explains how 'Tehri' - an Awadhi style pulav, which is an absolute delicacy was an everyday preparation when he was growing up. He belonged to a muslim family and preparing the 'Fara' was a tradition. He has had the opportunity to assist legendary ustads - Shahdab Qureshi and Shamsher Ahmed, which give his techniques an edge. 


Chef Mohammad Faisal Qureshi  takes pride in sharing that for the major period of his professional career he has worked as an assistant to inspirational Chefs. Some ustad's taught the art of understanding spice and whilst some modern chefs shared knowledge of nutrition value and proportion of mixtures. And all these years have given him a deep understanding of the exceptional and traditional aspects of the F&B industry and his impeccable attention to detail and hardworking nature have led to his achievements.