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  • Kangan - The Taste Of Peshawar
    Kangan - The Taste Of Peshawar
Restaurant Concept
Restaurant Concept

A contemporary interpretation of rustic India flavours mainly from the North-West Frontier region of Peshawar alongside inspirations from the culinary traditions of the Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan. The cuisine sparkles in myriad ways by bringing out many undiscovered facets with its unique use of time tested ingredients transformed by eclectic combinations and modern presentations..

Featured Offers
  • Flavorful Fables of Awadh - New menu curation at Kangan
    Flavorful Fables of Awadh - New menu curation at Kangan

    Kangan showcases the symphony of rustic Indian flavours from the North-West Frontier region of Peshawar in an exquisite ornate ambience bejewelled with scenic views of the city.

    The entire new menu at Kangan explores progressive ideas in Indian cuisine while maintaining the traditional culinary integrity of signature dishes.

  • Dal Kangan
    Dal Kangan

    Our signature dish, ‘Dal Kangan' is an absolute favourite amongst our guests. A warm and fuzzy feeling envelopes you after putting the first spoonful into your mouth, the velvety texture, the buttery creamy flavours and the underlying tone of tomatoes coats your tongue and you experience a feeling of elatedness.

  • Raan-e-Kangan
    One of our signature dish is a succulent leg of Lamb that's redolent of smoky flavours, and aromatic Awadhi spices and cooked in Tandoor to sheer perfection.
Private Dining
Private Dining
Flashes of colour, breathtaking views, and the subtle glow of candles married to the mouth-watering aromas of Indian spices converge at Kangan where guests come and enjoy Indian flavours. Kangan offers delectable and aromatic taste platters to entice and encourage family style dining. Inviting private dining rooms allow for personalized entertaining while interactive show kitchens and live clay oven cooking adds a theatrical element to the restaurant keeping the excitement and interest alive for a truly engaging dining experience.